Company offering free medical marijuana for seizure sufferers

The drug has helped 16-year-old Jace Bratton

(KING) –  The family tries to live life as normally as possible, but after 14 years of uncontrolled epileptic seizures with his son, Jace, Mike Bratton says nothing is truly normal.

“There are times you wonder if this could be the one that takes him out,” he said.

For almost his whole life, Jace has had frightening seizures every night. He has gone through 17 different drugs. In some cases the cure was worse than the disease.

“One drug, when Jace was a little guy, it caused him so much rage and anger that he ground his baby teeth to the gums,” said Bratton. “Some doctors wanted to diagnose him as schizophrenic and put him on even more drugs.”

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