Cancer survivors continue to smoke

1 in 10 cancer survivors continue to smoke

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Nearly 10% of cancer survivors say they’re still smoking, and most of them, smoke every day.

Terry Sullivan of Springfield said, “I’ve had this discussion before, I said ‘if you were told today you’re going to die and you need to quit smoking would you do it?’ And she just goes, ‘I’m going to die, might as well keep smoking.’”

Cigarettes have been proven to be addictive and dangerous. In the study, those who smoked averaged about 15 cigarettes a day, almost a full pack, and to help people quit smoking, many doctors are recommending e-cigarettes.

E-cigs were designed to provide tobacco users a smoke-free source of nicotine. The device heats up a liquid that users inhale, or “vape.”

Sheila McDonough of Westfield said, “You can still get the sensation of holding it in your hand, putting it in your mouth taking a hit off it. I try to quit other ways and this has been the best way. “

A new study shows two-thirds of doctors say e-cigs are a good smoking cessation tool, and a third of doctors recommend them to their patients. However, health officials say there could be risks.

Marge Bellefleur of West Springfield said, “You always find out it seems years later that there was something that affected you with your health and what you did.”

According to, e-cigarettes can still deliver toxic chemicals, including carcinogens. The website also says e-cigs may even make bacterial infections resistant to antibiotics.

Although experts say more long-term studies are needed, 13-percent of the doctors polled in the survey say they didn’t realize the devices have not been approved by the FDA.

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