What road repairs are costing residents?

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – We see the construction all summer, but are road repairs worth the cost, and should the government be paying for it?

According to a poll released by the Associated Press, 6 in 10 Americans said driving on improved highways and reconstructed roads has benefits that justify the cost.

Construction crews have been busy repairing roads and highways in western Massachusetts; necessary measures to local residents like Faith Miles of Westfield. “All of our roads and bridges in the state of Massachusetts are in terrible condition, terrible, terrible condition,” she said.

Improving road surface is important for drivers who spend a lot of their days behind the wheel. Eric Day told 22News he spends hours behind the wheel every week, and is willing to sacrifice tax dollars for better quality.

Day said, “If you don’t want roads you don’t pay taxes, if you don’t pay taxes you don’t have schools, we all need to pay taxes to have our infrastructure.”

Other residents, like Michael Stasilwski of West Springfield, are skeptical that their tax money had made a major difference in improving road conditions. “If this is the money that’s being spent to repair roads, it’s worse than the potholes,” he said.

Money for pothole repairs comes from the city, while highway and infrastructure projects are funded by the federal government.

The elevated section of Interstate 91 through Springfield will also soon be under construction, a project that will cost an estimated $230 million. Fortunately, that money will be financed by the federal government.

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