Thief says cheese!

credit card thief

OCALA, Fla. (WESH) Josephine Lupo, 74, was angry to the point of tears describing how she became a victim of credit card fraud.

“I had to call everybody,” Lupo said.

On July 5, Lupo was walking to her car in the Walmart parking lot in Ocala Florida during a rainstorm when a woman approached and offered Lupo a ride to her car.

Lupo had her purse and wallet when she got in the vehicle, but a short time after the woman and her husband dropped Lupo off, she realized her wallet was missing.

“Bad! Very bad. I would not do that to anyone. I would not do that to anybody,” Lupo said.

Later a woman who was not involved in giving Lupo a ride tried to use the stolen American Express card to buy high-priced weaves at the Looking Good beauty supply store.

The owners took a picture of the woman that they describe as a regular customer when she showed suspicious-looking identification.

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