Government website is missing billions of dollars

The Treasury Department has taken it over

WASHINGTON, DC (NBC News) – A website meant to increase transparency of government spending is off by hundreds of billions of dollars. is supposed to be a one-stop shopping spot for tracking government spending. However, the government accountability office found under-reporting and inconsistencies totaling 619 billion dollars in fiscal year 2012.

A spokesman for the Office of Management and Budget, which oversees the site, says the agency is committed to improving the accuracy of information submitted to the website.

The Treasury Department has taken it over, with plans to re-launch early next year with improved data and usability.

Below is a statement from OMB spokesman Jamal Brown:

“OMB is committed to federal spending transparency and working with agencies to improve the completeness and accuracy of data submissions to Many of the GAO’s recommendations are consistent with actions outlined in the data act, which we are working with agencies to implement.”

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