Father kept son’s death a secret from the mother

Jarrod Tutko, Jr. was dead for four days

Jarrod Tutko, Sr. (Photo Courtesy: CBS 21/CNN)

HARRISBURG, PA (CBS 21) – This situation has this neighbor shaken. All day Monday police went door to door asking questions trying to get answers.

“How could you let this human being, a child, stay up there dead like that? It’s just not right,” said Deja Ballamy, a neighbor.

For Ballamy, and many of her neighbors, what recently happened in this house is painful and hard to believe. “He was a normal neighbor. Never in a million years did I think something like this would have happened.”

Friday night, on the 2100 block of Green Street, police found 8-year-old Jarrod Tutko, Jr. dead on the third floor of this home. It’s believed he had died Tuesday, but his father, Jarrod Tutko, Sr., didn’t tell anyone and the boy’s mother says she didn’t know, even though by Thursday she could smell something rotting.

“I’m still in shock. I’m heart broken. I miss my kids. I know deep down inside, he would not hurt any of those kids,” said Kimberly.

Monday, children and youth services stopped by the house. CBS 21 also learned that on Thursday mental healthcare provider, Philhaven, out of Mt. Gretna, was also at the house. The family had six kids, some with disabilities. Tutko said Jarrod, Jr. had severe mental retardation.

Philhaven gave CBS 21 the following statement:

“Philhaven sends our sympathy and condolences to the Tutko family. No Philhaven staff ever met or had contact with the deceased child. We encourage the community to wrap its arms around this family and their children.” – Beth Botswick: Philhaven

As for Jarrod Tutko, Sr., he is currently in the Dauphin County prison facing multiple charges including endangering the welfare of child and concealing the death of a child. The mother has not yet been charged.

“For her to say she didn’t know. I don’t believe it. Charge her. Charge her. Charge her,” said Ballamy.

Right now, several of the kids are still getting medical attention and the others have been placed by CYS into other homes.

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