7 tips for back to school organizing

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – It’s almost time for the kids to go back to school  and organization is key for avoiding stressful school mornings! Rick Woods, Professional Organizer from The Functional Organizer joined us to share 7 tips to getting organized for the school season.

7 Back To School Organization Tips

1. Install wall mounted hooks for kids backpacks near entryway. Each child should have their own hook.
2. Create a family calendar system. This keeps all the family members in the loop with sport schedules, along with after school events, activities and clubs.
3. Make space in your kids closets. Clear out older non-fitting and undesirable clothing (before you shop for new clothes).
4. Create a hand me down system for additional younger children who can grow into clothing. Label a clear bin with size/age.
5. The gathering basket. All kids stuff not in it’s place, laying around home goes in this basket. When they are looking for lost items, they will go to the basket. Otherwise, have them empty it at least once every few days and put items back into their proper locations. This teaches them responsibility, so mom and dad are not constantly picking up after them.
6. Allow enough time in the morning for kids to get ready for school. Have them create a daily morning routine checklist.
7. Encourage kids to do homework at same time daily. The earliest time after school the better. Have them get in the habit of placing homework back in backpack when complete and hang it back on the hook so it is ready for the next day.

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