When you can cross a double-solid line

Drivers must yield to oncoming traffic

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – When you’re driving, you’re not allowed to cross a double solid line to pass a car, but sometimes you’re forced to go around a parked vehicle.

In Holyoke Monday morning, construction was forcing cars to cross a double solid line into oncoming traffic. Longmeadow Police Sgt. Robert Stocks told 22News you can enter the opposite lane only when it is free and clear.

“The first thing I do when I see that type of vehicle is I really slow down because number one it’s the law and number two its safety not only for the person who is working out there but for me and the people in my car as well,” said Lori Santy of Chicopee.

Sgt. Stocks told 22News if you are forced to cross a double solid line you’re not going to get a ticket, but if you cause an accident, you will be responsible.

If there’s not a police officer directing traffic, the driver who arrives first in these situations doesn’t have the right of way.  The right of way belongs to the driver who does not have to cross the double solid line.  The other driver, must yield to oncoming traffic.

“Sometimes you have to be courteous and let somebody else get in there.  There’s construction going on, you know you got to get over so you pay attention to what the rules are,” said Chicopee’s Michael Brantley.

Aside from turning left to cross a double solid yellow line, when there’s some obstruction in your own lane is the only other time when you’re allowed to cross it.

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