Water Worries

Water Worries

TOLEDO, Ohio (NBC News) Half a million people in Toledo, Ohio are waiting to see if their water will be safe to drink. They’ve been in a water emergency all weekend after toxins were found seeping into the city’s water supply.

The National Guard has been giving out bottled water, the mayor wants FEMA to reimburse first responders, and Washington is being pressed to act.

Unsafe levels of a toxin called Microcystin seeped into the city’s water supply. It can cause diarrhea, vomiting and affect the liver.

“The runoff from fertilizers from the farms has caused algae to bloom in the lakes, and that has gotten worse and worse each year,” said Dr. Toby Cosgrove of the Cleveland Clinic.

While officials say the water’s safe for laundry and bathing, if you’re not sick, residents are leery.

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