The state will continue to oversee liquor licenses

BOSTON (WWLP) – Every city and town in Massachusetts has a liquor license “limit” based on population. A legislative push fell short in the effort to lift the cap and give cities and towns full control. State Treasurer Steve Grossman, who oversees liquor licenses in the state, believes lifting the cap could have been a good thing.

“Put it in the hands of local officials. Give local officials control. I think it’ll create jobs,” said Grossman.

The demand is sky-high in urban centers like Boston, but western Massachusetts lawmakers said it is not a much of a problem in their districts.

“I haven’t really heard outcry from my district or the people in my district regarding the liquor license initiative, so I think it’s been working. Sure, there’s always room for improvement, but right now I think it’s okay the way it is,” said State Representative Nick Boldyga (R-Southwick).

If the bill is signed into law, Boston will be receiving 75 new licenses over the next three years. If municipalities hit their liquor license cap, applicants must still go through the legislature to get an additional license.

This is a provision under the Economic Development Bill. Governor Patrick has until next week to sign that bill into law.

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