Pet Corner: Hannah

Name: Hannah
Breed: Lab mix
Age: 2 years old
Sex: Female
Color: Black
Date of Arrival at Dakin: 7/26/14 


Hannah is a very healthy and playful 2 year-old female lab mix. Her energy level is moderate-to-high, so her new companion or family should plan to spend time walking, hiking and playing with her. She also enjoys a good snuggle when the activity comes to an end.

She’ll do well in a moderately busy household, but she has no history with cats, so we don’t know how she would do. We’d recommend she be around children 13 and up.

Hannah knows basic manners but could benefit from going to Dakin’s training classes, which are held in Springfield, Hadley and Leverett, and are discounted to Dakin and T.J. O’Connor adopters. Hannah weighs about 45 pounds.

Events/Other Topics:

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