Massachusetts millennials spend big on guilty pleasures

Massachusetts ranked top state for alcohol sales among young adults.

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Money might be tight for young Americans, but a new report found they don’t mind spending on some guilty pleasures. 22News found out how Massachusetts compares to other states.

Massachusetts young adults like to drink, more than any other state. That’s according to the financial services company, Level Money. It looked at where millennials, or those aged 18 to 35, spend most on guilty pleasures. Massachusetts ranked the top state for alcohol sales.

“Specialty vodkas, tequilas, flavored whiskeys, everything new. It’s always new. Even the whiskeys they’re drinking, they’re bringing back old names with new flavors,” said Jerry Ferzoco, an alcohol salesman, when asked what young adults like to drink.

These results could help industries understand their customers. With more than 75 million Americans considered millennials, their spending impacts our economy.

“People will come in, especially the younger group and they’ll try a certain thing at a bar and they’ll say, ‘Do you have it here? Do you have it here?’ and so we are constantly trying to keep up with it,” said Jim Spano, co-owner of Aldenville Liquor Store in Chicopee.

According to this study, Massachusetts millennials indulge on beverages all day. Before they go to the liquor stores or bars, they’re first spending big, on coffee. Massachusetts ranked second, spending six times more at cafes than those in the Midwest.

“It’s one of those things that people will buy regardless of their income,” said millennial Tyler Andrews of Chicopee.

Some said it’s easier than brewing at home.

“I feel like that takes too much time. Me and my dad were talking about that early and he said he spends about 150 dollars a month…Ya, it’s just crazy to me,” millennial Brian Jumpp of Springfield told 22News.

Whether it’s their lifestyle, or effective advertising, when it comes to guilty pleasures, young adults in Massachusetts don’t mind spending.

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