Technology: Job killer or creator?

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The results of a new survey released by CareerBuilder shows how more companies are replacing employees with technology.

The good news is, advances in technology does not necessarily mean you will be replaced. The study found that in some cases, automated systems did not work as well as planned. When new technology did not meet expectations, a third of those companies ended up hiring people back.

However, some occupations have taken harder hits than others, including customer service, accounting, sales, and even travel agencies.

One local travel agent explained why an increase in travel websites have made her job harder. “Lately, a lot of people call me when they can’t find it on the website and then I do my work and then they go and book it themselves, I think a lot of times. That bothers me.”

The majority of occupations did not see a significant drop and in many cases, companies even reported technology increasing opportunities in the work place.

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