Covered plates can lead to failed inspections

If you need new plates, it could cost you up to $60.

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – In Massachusetts, you could get a ticket or fail your inspection if your license plate is covered with glass or plastic.

If you have any words, numbers or your registration sticker covered, you could fail your inspection.

In Massachusetts, your license plate number, your registration sticker, and the words Spirit of America and Massachusetts all have to be completely visible.  Many of us have car dealership plaques, bicycle racks or hitches, but if they obstruct the view of the license plate it’s not allowed.

Bill Ellis from Sol’s Tire Service inspection station in West Springfield told 22News, “Plates have to be read from 50 feet back legible, that’s where if they’re faded or the paint is off them or the reflective material is off them, they can’t be read, so that’s a fail.”

Simply, the entire license plate has to be visible in plain site.

If you need new plates, it could cost you up to $60.

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