Beware of the “One Ring” phone scheme

Don’t call back if you get a missed call

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The next time you get a missed call from a 473 number, do not call back.

A phone scheme that cheats people out of their money is once again spreading. Thieves call you from area codes, 473, 809, 284, 649 and 876.

If you receive calls from any of these area codes let the phone ring once and hang up. If you call back, you’ll be charged about $20 just for the first minute.

Dom Dasilva of Ludlow told 22News, “I don’t know what type of person could do that. Have the spare time to call people and you know, try to trick people.”

Also, don’t call back if you get a text or a voicemail saying you’ve won a trip or money. Unless you remember signing up for a raffle or a contest, those are often fake messages, trying to get you to give up your bank information.

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