Woman battles flesh-eating bacteria

This bacteria is typically found in warm water.

GALVESTON, TX. (CNN) – It’s a flesh-eating bacteria that has sparked warnings along the Gulf coast, and now one woman says she got it after being in the water near Galveston, Texas.

Close to a dozen people have died this year alone in the U.S. after getting the bacteria in the gulf, but one mother who was infected was able to survive. Michelle O’Brien cut her ankle on an oyster bed walking on Galveston Bay last Saturday. O’Brien said that, “It was the most severe pain I have ever felt throughout my body in my entire life.”

O’Brien got stitches. Hours later, a blinding headache hit, her blood pressure dangerously low. Doctors told the 30 year old, mother of three that she was in septic shock.

Michelle said, “I was told I got there just in the nick of time.” O’Brien spent the next few days in the ICU.

Dr. Luis Ostrosky, the Medical Director of Infection control at Memorial Hermann said, “This is a very severe and life threatening infection that rapidly progresses.”

O’Brien was diagnosed with vibrio vulnificus. Ostrosky said, “This is our version of flesh eating bacteria here in the gulf.”

This bacteria is typically found in warm water, especially in the gulf states. Doctors say you can also get this infection by eating raw seafood that is contaminated.

Wiping away tears over Facetime, O’Brien just got out of the hospital yesterday. She said, “I definitely feel that somebody is looking out for me.”

Galveston County Health District says that there’s been one other reported case of this bacteria.

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