Frequent rain leading to disappointing summer

Western Massachusetts has only had a few days in the 90’s, and no heat waves either.

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – We’re almost halfway through summer, but you wouldn’t know it based on how this weekend started.

The damp weather we’ve been experiencing is having an effect on people enjoying our warmest season. If you were hoping that the change in month on the calendar would bring a change in weather, you’d be wrong.

We had almost double the normal amount of rainfall in July and now we’ve started out August on the damp side.

Michael Velasquez of Springfield told 22News, “Cooler weather’s not necessarily bad, but just the rain, it’s been a lot lately.”

Despite the rain, temperatures this summer have been overall warmer than normal, consistently, but we’ve only had a few days in the 90’s, and no heat waves either.

You’re more likely to have a summer heat wave when you have consistent high pressure. High pressure is sinking air which squashes clouds and rain chances and we just haven’t had that this year.

The lack of heat and the constant threat for showers or storms has affected your summer, which is a season full of outdoor plans.

“You expect more sun, definitely in the summer”, said Jose Martinez of Springfield. “It’s been difficult because the kids want to go outside, they want to go swimming, they want to go to the beach, you’ve got vacation plans, and the rain actually backs up everything.”

Henry Thomas III of Springfield told 22News, “It can throw you into a mild state of depression when you consider the fact that, where we live, we don’t get a lot of weeks of great summer weather.”

The only good news is that, technically, we still have more than a month and a half until summer officially ends. But with back to school season arriving sooner than that, you’re running out of beach, pool or barbecue time to make the most of the warm weather.

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