Woman seen walking naked man on leash

Couple said it was consensual sex

NEW YORK (CNN) – A couple in West Virginia could face charges after taking their sex games out of their bedroom and onto the street.

A naked man down on all fours, ankles bound, hood over his head being walked on a leash by a woman wearing a purple nightgown.

“That was the weirdest day yet, yep, I hope it the weirdest day ever.”

A picture was snapped on a cell phone by a passing driver.

“The female at first denied any involvement. We had a witness positively identify her, and then she admitted it, as did the male,” said Lt. Nelson Croft, Ohio County Sheriff’s Office.

The woman is identified as Barbara Jean Geardello, age 53, and her 56-year-old boyfriend Robert Deyell. Both are originally from Pennsylvania. What were they doing getting in the mood for the movie version of that best selling novel ‘fifty shades of grey” coming soon to a theater near you.

Or perhaps, auditioning for a spot on the Discovery channel’s over-exposed reality series, “naked and afraid.”

They said it was consensual sex, a consensual sex game, and they were offended that people were stopping and calling them freaks.

“I was like ‘oh my god! He’s naked and she’s waking a human being,'” said Cindy Hunter.

Robert Deyell, who told deputies he was a willing participant, was not seriously injured.

“Except for ligature marks, obvious ligature marks on his feet and ankles. Other than that he denied any injury,” said Lt. Croft.

Neither Geardello nor Deyell has been charged yet. The district attorney is mulling over possibilities, most likely indecent exposure.

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