Will you think twice before shopping at Target?

A new CEO has been hired to bring Target back

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A seasoned CEO is taking over at Target. Brian Cornell, the former head of Sam’s Club, has been tasked with the turnaround of the retail giant. Cornell also worked as an executive at Pepsi, Michaels and Safeway.

At the top of his Target to-do list is restoring consumer confidence after that massive breach of customer information during the height of the 2013 holiday shopping season.

Target’s profits took a hit when millions of their customers learned their information may be at risk, but it didn’t take long for their more loyal shoppers to grab a red shopping cart once again.

Melissa Jenkins of Westfield said, “I love Target. I have two little kids so everything comes from Target. I love their product. You can’t deny their prices and products. I still kept going back. Unfortunately things like that happen and you’ve got to trust the company.”

Another Target shopper told 22News, while he expects companies to take better care of their customers’ information; shoppers need to take more responsibility themselves.

Jeffrey Antonellis of Westfield said, “I wish the average person would take this into account more when they choose where to shop. All these corporations and online sites taking our personal information each day, I think the average person should think a little more about what they do with that.”

Aside from bringing customers back in, Cornell will also lead the way when it comes to expanding out. The Wall Street Journal reported Targets messy expansion into Canada has cost the company $1.6 billion.

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