Protesters call for peace in Gaza

72-hour cease fire ended abruptly Friday

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Another failed attempt at a cease-fire. A reported capture of an Israeli soldier led to Israel and Hamas, re-launching air strikes in Gaza, shattering a cease-fire just 90 minutes after it began.

Zaid Tuffaha of West Springfield said, “This is unacceptable.” Friday alone, more than 60 Palestinians and two Israeli soldiers died.

Fallah Razzak of Feeding Hills told 22News, “They killed kids. They destroyed churches, mosques. They destroyed hospitals.”

About one hundred people gathered in Northampton Friday night, calling for peace in Gaza. Protesters said innocent people are dying because Israel and Hamas can’t agree to acknowledge each other’s presence. They want to destroy each other instead.

Many people told 22News both sides, Israelis and Palestinians, must admit that they are all humans and that all lives are valuable. Only after that peace can be achieved. Tuffaha said, “To say that the lives of Palestinians are equal to the lives of Israelis. There’s no difference. We are all humans.”

Senator Ed Markey told 22News he agreed, destruction is not the answer. He said “Israel exists, and the Palestinians co-exist with Israel but that is not possible as long as Hamas continue call for the destruction for the state of Israel.”

Right now there are conflicting reports on Hamas involvement in the soldier’s capture. One leader took responsibility Friday morning then took it back. Israel blames Hamas.

President Obama condemned the abduction and said the soldier must be released.

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