Man faces 181 international cyber bullying charges

Robert Campbell is accused of bullying 38 people

OTTAWA, CANADA (CDC News) – A 42-year-old Canadian man is facing 181 charges of cyber bullying and harassment after a joint investigation of police forces in Canada, the United States and Britain.

His alleged victims were among those in attendance Friday, watching as Robert Campbell made his first court appearance. Campbell is accused of bullying 38 people in total; some of them for more than a decade.

Police say he set up fake linked-in and email profiles for people that said they were strippers, members of a Nazi youth group, or affiliated with an organization called “The Ugly Fat Chicks of Ottawa.”

Carl Cartwright of the Ottawa Police Service said, “This individual had a grudge against other individuals and sought the means online to do this. And he was doing this, really, for almost 12 years.”

“I say, we’re applying to universities and stuff like that. Umm…They were fed up because they were applying for scholarships and people are going to Google your name, right? And if all of sudden there’s false information out there that someone has put up about you for some reason, that can affect their futures,” said one of the victims who wanted to remain nameless.

Investigators say Campbell used internet anonymity software making it hard for police to nab him. His next court appearance is scheduled for August 7th.

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