Hot car child safety

Hot Car Child Safety

(NBC News) Some parents of small children who have been paying particular attention to the tragic stories of infants being left in hot cars recently are taking steps to keep it from happening again.
The ‘Precious Cargo’ app was developed by Kimberly and her husband, Shaun at their home in North Carolina and is set up to alert you when exiting the car in order to avoid forgetting a youngster in the back seat.

“It’s very simple…once you download the app…you pair your blue-tooth in your vehicle…Then once you reach your destination and disconnect from your Bluetooth… an alarm sounds,” said Kimberly Johnston co-developer of the “Precious Cargo” app.

The “Precious Cargo” app is just one of several inventions that child safety advocates are throwing their support behind, hoping to drastically decrease the number of tragic injuries and deaths among children.

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