Bees in the trees!

bees removed

(WBBH) A Cape Coral, Florida neighborhood is buzzing over a sign warning them of Africanized bees. But is there really any danger?

The sign warns people of an extremely aggressive type of bee – Africanized bees.

“The state of Florida considers all ferule bees to be Africanized,” said David Gatley, a registered beekeeper.

Gatley is removing thousands of what he says are extremely aggressive Africanized bees from one hive.

“I’ve been gentle with these guys. I’ve already been stung four or five times,” said Gately.

But others say the danger simply isn’t there.

“It’s scaring the public where there doesn’t need to be any scare tactic used,” said B. Keith Councell, a licensed bee remover.

Councell says the signs aren’t necessary. He says they are average honeybees – stating Africanized bee attack even before they are disturbed.

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