No women on U.S. paper money

The Sacajawea golden dollar and Susan B. Anthony silver dollar coins have been discontinued.

dollar bill

You may have heard the saying ‘it’s a man’s world,’ and it is… at least when it comes to U.S. currency.

President Obama said this week a young girl wrote to him asking why there aren’t any American women printed on our bills. He mentioned it while discussing the issue of fair pay for women.

Suzanne Hotte of Chicopee told 22News she feels more current faces should be printed on our money, and women deserve to be represented. “I think we do. Even Hillary Clinton. I hope she runs for president. I just like her. She’s smart.”

There is the Sacajawea golden dollar and Susan B. Anthony silver dollar, but both coins are discontinued.

President Obama said he thought it’d be a good idea to see more women from our history on dollars and coins.

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