“Lack of oversight” hurt Healthcare.gov

Obama care report

(NBC News) Management breakdowns led to the failure of the $840-million federal health care enrollment website last fall according to a harsh new government report.

The scathing new report by the non-partisan Government Accountability Office says the disastrous roll-out of Healthcare.gov was the result of mismanagement and a rush to get President Obama’s health care program up and running.

“CMS began and undertook the development of Healthcare.gov system without adequate planning despite facing a number of challenges,” the GAO’s William Woods told Congress.

The GAO found problems were known in the Department of Health and Human Services before the website launched.

“There was a knowledge within the agency that the operational readiness was in jeopardy,” Woods said.

With this year’s mid-November open enrollment fast approaching, the man now in charge of Healthcare.gov says the site is vastly improved and far more reliable, but won’t be perfect.

“I think we’ve got a committed team of people though, that by and large are doing a very good job but there will clearly be bumps,” warned Andy Slavitt, Deputy Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

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