Few Americans have time for couponing

Poll: Just 15% are committed to the couponing cause

AGAWAM, Mass. (WWLP)- You may have seen the reality shows about those super shoppers who pay close to nothing for bags and bags of groceries — all thanks to their coupons. But it’s practically a full time job to stay on that level. Even moderate couponing requires effort and organization.

“Some people do it and like it but myself, I’m not a big shopper and I like in and out,” said Tom Wiater from Agawam.

According to ShopSmart Magazine just 15% of consumers take the time to clip coupons to use at the grocery store. Close to a third of Americans say they can’t be bothered. 22News is working for you with other ways to save you some money as you fill up your carriage.

-Buy the bag. You can save more than 30-percent on bagged produce like apples, oranges or onions.. instead of hand selecting them.

-Don’t skip the deli. Some meats and cheeses sliced to order are cheaper than the prepackaged ones.

-And reap the rewards. Sign up for a loyalty card for offers and other discounts.

As for those shoppers who remain committed to their coupons — they say thanks to technology they’re saving money and time.

“It’s a little easier now because there are so many coupons online. You don’t have to look to the paper for the flyer coupons. If you know what you want you can go online and see if that manufacturer is offering coupons,” said Barbara Wojciechowski from Agawam.

And many of those coupons can be stored right on your smart phone, eliminating the bulky coupon books many used to lug around.

Another tip — check out the dollar store. Many of them today offer the brands you want for cheaper than the chains.

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