UCLA campus underwater!

UCLA campus

LOS ANGELES, Cali. (NBC News) A broken water main sent millions of gallons of water pouring through the UCLA campus Tuesday.

The water main break along Los Angeles’ iconic Sunset Boulevard sent water gushing 30 feet in the air, stranding cars and flooding parts of the university.

The 30 inch water main blew out a ten foot wide section of the roadway, sending a torrent of water onto the north end of the campus, flooding athletic fields and underground parking garages.

Two hours after the break began the flow of water coming from the site slowed as workers began the process of shutting off values in the area.

Officials estimate eight to ten million gallons escaped before the main was completly shut down.

The section of pipe that burst dates back to 1921. While no cause has been determined yet, the la area has seen numerous water main breaks in recent years due to aging infrastructure.

Read more: http://bit.ly/1qKHZGd

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