Protect your pets from pests

Cats and dogs tend to sniff around

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s becoming popular for people to own chickens as a way to get fresh, local eggs, but those chickens can also attract some dangers for household pets.

The poultry flea is a pest for dogs and cats because it embeds itself into the animal’s flesh. While veterinarians haven’t detected diseases linked to the poultry flea, it can cause an infection if it goes unnoticed.

That’s a relatively new concern for pet owners, in addition to the common flea and ticks attracted to dogs and cats.

Larry Hott of Northampton told 22News, “The most important thing is to check them all the time and keep them out of the shrubbery and give them a bath and then try do a little research on the least toxic way to deal with it, because you don’t want them in your bed or biting you and getting you some of the infections the dogs can get.”

22News is working for you with some other pests to be aware of. Poisonous spiders live in dark corners of garages and sheds; areas your dog might sniff around. You might not notice a bite, but your pet will feel the effects quickly, and it’s advised to go to a vet right away.

Snakes and mosquitoes are other common, yet dangerous pests that you should be cautious of for not just yourself, but also your pets this summer.

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