Living with “Locked in Syndrome”

Locked In Syndrome

FARGO, N.D. (KVLY) Imagine being fully aware of everything going on around you, your mind is running in high gear, but you are not able to speak or move. It’s called “locked-in syndrome” and it is what a former Fargo, North Dakota firefighter faces everyday.

Now, a mix of new technology and old school therapy is helping him communicate.

A rare brain stem stroke eight years ago left Rory Eidsness a quadriplegic. He is unable to walk or even speak on his own.

“All things considered I’m doing pretty good,” he says with the help of a computer that scans his eye movement and helps him type his thoughts. The computer then vocalizes the words. It helps, but Rory says it’s too slow. He’s not a very good speller and he doesn’t like to spell his thoughts.

“The technology has been a godsend,” his wife Kari says.

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