Employees are getting too many emails

By 2018, on average, employees will get 140 emails a day

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – 121 emails; that’s the average number of messages employees get every day.

According to Radicati Group, which tracks email usage, the number of emails has increased 15 percent from 2011. With that increase, more Americans are turning to social media to send messages.

Not a surprise too many 22News spoke with. They said emails are getting to be more annoying than helpful for their daily productivity.

Camille Fantasia of Northampton said, “It’s definitely getting ridiculous, just like the sheer quantity that you get. It kind of takes away from the actual stuff that you need.”

The study found workers are spending so much time weeding out the good from the bad emails that they aren’t being productive and often lose track of what they were working on.

There are actually startup companies working on social media sites for companies to get rid of emails and better organize messages to increase productivity.

It’s expected the number of emails will increase to 140 a day by 2018.

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