Defendant says he’s too heavy to face charges

The case against him has been delayed time and time again because of medical episodes

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The 625-pound defendant in a felony case that has been stalled for two years now claims he’s too large to come to court — but prosecutors aren’t buying it.

Jeffrey Klein, 44, faces charges for allegedly calling in a bomb threat to a Cedar Springs mobile home community in 2012. His criminal history means a conviction could send him to prison for more than a decade.

The case against him has been delayed time and time again because of medical episodes, or Klein simply failing to show up to court.

Now, his attorney says he can’t get to court by normal means.

His attorney says Klein’s weight of about 625 pounds prevents him from appearing before Judge Dennis Lieber on the 10th floor of the Kent County Circuit Court building. The attorney claims Klein is bedridden and that it would cost thousands of dollars to bring him to court.

Because of that, he wants the charges against Klein to be dropped.

When 24 Hour News 8 went to Klein’s home Wednesday to ask him about the case, our crew saw something that calls the weight defense into question.

A man who looks a lot like Klein was seen driving a distinctive mint green car by his own home twice, appearing to try to avoid 24 Hour News 8’s cameras. Neighbors say the car is Klein’s and its license plate is registered to him.

Prosecutors have said no to the unusual request to drop the charges. Authorities say Klein must face the serious charges.

The next step in the case is unclear, but 24 Hour News 8 will be keeping an eye on it.

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