Clerk fights back after being shot during a robbery

The clerk was shot in the leg

MILFORD, Conn. (News 12 Connecticut) – When a man tried to rob a convenience store in Connecticut, the owner says his brother tried to cooperate with the gunman. When that didn’t work, he fought back, and it was all caught on tape.

Shocking surveillance video shows the suspect point his gun right at the store clerk. Store owner Ashfaq Alam says his brother Jehan Zeb was working at the time and says he immediately put his hands up and told the suspect where he could find the cash.

“He said money is here, and you can come and grab money and go, but he didn’t listen to him, because right away he shot him,” said Alam.

That’s when Alam says the suspect fired one round, hitting his brother in the leg. Still, you see Zeb motioning to the cash, the suspect not backing down. Then, the video shows Zeb taking matters into his own hands and fighting back, all while bleeding from his leg.

“Then, my brother realized he’s going to kill him, I guess, but he just did it, just jump on him, on the gun,” said Alam.

Here you see the fight move to the front of the store as Zeb and the suspect struggle for the gun.

“He was a brave guy or else he would have been shot again.”

Alam says his brother was taken to the hospital and is now recovering at home. He says this situation could have ended much differently, but he’s grateful his brother will be okay.

“To be honest with you, I’m very thankful to God, you know, He gave him another life, so he could have been shot over here. He could have been shot over here. Couple of times, he put the gun over here, too,” said Alam.

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