Consumers faced a lot of problems this past year

Telemarketers’ constant calling is a rising issue

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s something you’ve probably experienced, telemarketers who don’t let up. According to consumer protection agencies, telemarketing is this year’s fastest growing complaint.

Maura S. of West Springfield told 22News, “It’s annoying, and even when you say no they try to keep you talking. It’s just very aggravating and they don’t you leave alone.”

You can consider registering your phone number with the national, “Do not call list.” Although it doesn’t help you escape phone calls from political campaigners or charities, it can help you avoid most telemarketers.

However, the constant calling isn’t the only problem. Some callers pretend to represent companies, and are calling you for your money.

Here are a few red flags you can listen for to help keep you and your information safe. Callers saying: “You’ve been specially selected or you’ve won a big prize.”

Phrases West Springfield resident Jane Matuli is all too familiar with; “I woke up one morning and I got a phone call.” The callers asked Jane a series of questions, some regarding her personal information. She said, “I thought it was a legitimate thing. They asked for my bank account, I don’t know why I gave it to them.”

When Jane did, the schemers ended up making off with $400 before she was able to freeze her bank account. That’s why it’s always important to verify a company is legitimate, before you give them your information.

To find out how you can register with the “Do not call list” or to file a telemarketer complaint, Click Here.

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