Big anti-pipeline rally on Boston Common

Many of the protesters came from western Mass.

BOSTON (WWLP) – Large crowds of people from western Massachusetts boarded buses bringing them to the Boston Common Wednesday, to rally against a proposed natural gas pipeline that would run across the state. Demonstrators cheered, held signs, and even danced to music as advocates and lawmakers spoke about their opposition to the project.

Texas-based Kinder Morgan plans to file federal applications to run the natural gas pipeline through Richmond, Massachusetts and across Berkshire and Franklin Counties.

Western Massachusetts lawmakers have many environmental concerns.

“You have to go under the Connecticut River, 20-feet under the Connecticut River. You’ve got to go through restricted open space where we have endangered species. We have individual wells; contamination for water supply,” said Rep. Denise Andrews (D-Orange).

Large crowds from western Massachusetts rallied on the Boston Common against the pipeline proposal. Some protesters believe there are better, greener alternatives for energy.

“We use solar, we think everyone should use solar, and if more electricity needs to come into the grid, we want it to be from renewables,” Nancy Robbins of Greenfield said.

In Massachusetts, where energy costs are sky-high, Kinder Morgan’s proposal could stabilize, or even lower, your expensive heating bills, but it would cost you elsewhere. Rep. William “Smitty” Pignatelli (D-Lenox) says that he can see it having an impact on property values. “I mean, if I looked at a piece of real estate and there was a three foot high-pressure natural gas line in my backyard, I’d think twice about it.”

If Kinder Morgan’s proposal goes through, the company said the project could produce up to 3,000 construction jobs and generate $25 million in revenue for the state each year.

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