Would-be thieves thwarted by MMA fighter

Gas station worker protected his co-worker from being robbed

HOUSTON, TX (CNN) – In the video above, you can see a Texas gas station cashier who now inspires fear. “The first guy I saw I just kicked him in the face, and then I punched the other guy.”

Mayra Dissanyake saw his co-worker being attacked at a Houston gas station as the co-worker stepped out of his car carrying money from the bank. Myra flew out the door with a flying kick and then flying fists.

The two would be robbers immediately retreat towards their SUV, but Myra manages to nail one of them, and the SUV leaves without him. What the bad guys didn’t know is that Myra, in the helmet, is a five time champion in a type of Chinese marshal arts back in his homeland of Sri Lanka.

Myra is working at a gas station because his flexible hours enable him to continue training. He wants to be a professional fighter for the UFC, the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

After the gas station fight, he’s being compared to Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee. One admirer pictured the robbers having their butt handed to them.

(“Did you get a reward from your boss?”) “Not really. Just a lot of people appreciating what I did,” said Myra. “I’m really, really happy. I would say I’m the happiest person in the world right now.”

Happy about all the praise tinged with just a bit of criticism over how long Myra continued to kick the one suspect who was later arrested.

Myra said, “If he had a gun he would shoot me and if he had a knife he would stab me. Why would I take that chance?”

However, his feet and his hands aren’t the only body parts fans are admiring. “Mmmmmmm” wrote one poster, calling him “gorgeous.” “Can we talk about his perfect hair? Because oh my god.” “Dude could easily be in a hair care product commercial.”

Turns out Myra used to model a bit back in Sri Lanka. (“Which would you rather do, model or fight?”) Myra said, “I do fighting. I like fighting but if I can do modeling at same time, I’ll do that.”

One customer called the beat down, “a feel good story.” Guess it didn’t feel good to everyone.  With that hair, Myra is what you’d get if you crossed Samson with Fabio.

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