What type of salary would satisfy you?

Some Americans just want to make enough to survive

NORTHAMTON, Mass. (WWLP) – A million dollars would be great, wouldn’t it? However, realistically, most Americans surveyed said they would be happy, or are happy, earning somewhere near 75,000 dollars.

A CareerBuilder report found those who made that amount were more satisfied with their salary, they had enough to survive and also splurge. But only 35 percent of full time workers surveyed said they earned their desired salary.

Mary Hamel of Southampton told 22News, “It’s got to be different for every person, so it’s whether you have enough to make you have what you need and then maybe a little bit of what you want, and not everybody wants the same things.”

When asked how much would make them feel successful, men were twice as likely as women to desire 100-thousand dollars or more.

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