Tornado & microburst in Dalton ripped down branches and power lines

NWS confirmed tornado and microburst

DALTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Sunday night, a tornado touched down in the wooded area behind Greenridge Park in Dalton. You can clearly see the path of the tornado. At the same time, a microburst brought down trees in this neighborhood.

A terrifying moment for neighbors near Greenridge Park in Dalton. Colleen McCasland lives on Lindsay Dr. She said, “It was a couple of seconds of fear.”

Her husband, Joe McCasland told 22News, “My son wanted to go down to the cellar, but it went by so fast, we didn’t get a chance to get down to the cellar.”

A short-lived EF-1 tornado touched down Sunday night. An EF-1 has maximum wind speeds of 90 MPH. “Just felt strange. It was really calm for a while, and all of a sudden, the wind started picking up and the rain, and the rain was actually horizontal,” Joe McCasland said.

That’s not all. A microburst struck at the same time, ripping down branches and power lines. Richard Hall said, “Our area was closed down for that night because we lost power.”

On Pleasantview Dr., and also around the corner on Lindsay Dr., many trees fell in people’s yards, in some cases, landing on the shed or the garage, but missing the main part of these people’s homes.

“When you see a huge 30, 40 foot tree bend in half and come toward your house, you know that that wind is powerful enough to hurt you,” Colleen McCasland said.

Now, two days later, people are dealing with jagged, broken-off tree trunks, broken branches and an unexpected view. Hall said, “No, there were all trees there. There’s now space. So we now have a great view of Greenridge Park.”

Even though the tornado and the microburst happened at the same time, causing some property damage, Dalton Police and Fire reported that nobody was hurt.

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