Tips for water safety at a pool or beach

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – This month is all about summer safety and when it comes to your kids, safety is the most important thing! But how can we ensure our kids are safe while their swimming?Jennifer Gilburg, Associate Executive Director of the Holyoke YMCA and Aquatics Director Kerry Cordis joined us with tips!

Tips for Being Around the Water (any setting)
Learn how to swim
Children should be supervised (by someone who can swim)
Never swim alone

5 Tips for the Water Safety at a Pool
Use proper flotation devices (approved by coast guard, nothing inflatable)
Learn first aid and CPR and be able to swim to the bottom of your pool.
Have barriers (fences/ ladders/gates etc).
Take a break when you feel tired.
Don’t panic if you become exhausted, call for help and float on your back until help arrives or you are recovered.

5 Tips for Water Safety at a Beach
Only Swim when a lifeguard is on duty and follow their rules. They are trying to protect you and keep you and your family safe.
Swim in designated areas
Don’t dive head first
Use proper flotation devices (approved by the coast guard, nothing inflatable)
Be aware of local tides, currents, and weather conditions.

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