Former cop makes threats in bizarre rant on YouTube

Ortiz also posted videos of him acting like former President George W. Bush

SANTA FE (KRQE) – A bizarre rant on the internet by a former lawman is raising questions. He said the threats were just for laughs but not everyone thinks the video is a joke.

The video, posted on July 18th, goes on for more than a minute. It shows a distorted face of George Ortiz, a retired Santa Fe Police Deputy Chief. In the video Ortiz makes threats against a specific group of salespeople.

“The next time you come around here selling that Avon s*** at the front door you better watch yourself,” Ortiz said. “See me and my boys, we’re really going to f*** you up. There is no way to say it. I’m just going to f*** you up, period.”

Ortiz wasn’t just a typical patrolmen. The City of Santa Fe put him in charge of the department before current Chief Eric Garcia took over. Ortiz posted the video, on his Youtube channel, weeks after he had retired.

“You’re going to go the hospital and I’m going to come to the hospital and I’m going to beat the f*** out of you again,” Ortiz said.

Ortiz also posted videos of him acting like a sheriff and even former President George W. Bush.

He told KRQE News 13 over the phone, that he does impersonations as a hobby. He said he didn’t have a disclaimer, that included that information, because he didn’t know it was necessary.

The former lawman said he was just doing it for laughs. However, Santa Fe County Sheriff Robert Garcia said videos like that are no joke.

“To go on there and post something like this, like you said without a disclaimer, it is bizarre,” Garcia said. “It is a concern, on anyone posting anything like this. its something that we have to take serious because of what’s happening across our country.”

Like in the case of Elliot Rodger. Police said the 22-year-old killed six people in Santa Barbara after posting a video, of him ranting about popular people,  online.

“All you popular kids, you never accepted me and now you’ll all pay for it,” Rodger said.

Rodger committed suicide after going on the killing spree.

Sheriff Garcia said he doesn’t think Ortiz meant any harm but said if anyone posted this rant without notice that it was an impersonation deputies would have to look into it.

“Some people post, some people don’t report it and something happens,” Garcia said.

Ortiz said his friends encouraged him to post the video online. At the time of the story aired, he had taken all of the videos down but told News 13, next time he will put up a disclaimer.

We called Santa Fe Police to get their reaction about their former deputy chief but they said they would not comment because the videos were posted after he retired.

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