Tornado in Revere brings memories of June 1st

The June 1st tornado touched down 3 years ago

BRIMFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Three years later, look around Brimfield and you can still see damage left by the June 1st 2011 tornado, a daily reminder that it can happen anywhere.

On Monday, eastern Hampden County was once again under the threat of a tornado warning. Scary moments for Moira Poitras’ family whose daughter remembers the tornado well.

“She was over at her grandmothers and remembers more of it, so she gets really nervous and shaken up about it a little bit when the clouds come in like that and the warning comes in on the phone,” Poitras said.

The 2011 tornado left Brimfield residents without power and tree clean-up that went on for months. One thing people here say about the June 1st tornado is it was a learning experience and if it ever happened again, they’d know how to respond.

“Just from talking to some of the local highway departments in both Brimfield and Wales they seem to have learned a lot from each of these opportunities that have gone through,” said Wales’ Mark Lloyd.

Luckily Monday’s tornado warning didn’t last long, and no tornado ever materialized, but residents say they’re now always on alert. Your best course of action when these warnings are issued is to head for the lowest point of your home, away from windows.

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