Residents in Revere deal with tornado aftermath

13 residents have been evacuated because of severe damage done to their homes

REVERE, Mass. (WWLP) – A tornado touched down in Revere a little after 9:00 a.m. and has caused severe damage to many areas of the city, leaving residents to deal with the aftermath.

Hundred mile-per-hour winds ripped roofs off of houses in Revere on Monday. The streets were littered with tree branches and broken glass. Destruction is everywhere over several blocks of one Revere neighborhood. One car on Beach Street had its windshield completely smashed in, and the owner told 22News about how frightened he was hearing the tornado, and then seeing all of the damage.

“When I start to hear some noise I just look into the window and everything was flying,” said William Cardona. “You know I’m just thinking of my daughter, just to go pick her up. She was asleep, and I just grab her and go to the basement to be safe.”

Cardona said he felt lucky his home was one of the few that escaped severe damage. 67 homes in the area have been severely damaged, and 13 of them are uninhabitable. One of those 13 families doesn’t know how long it’ll be until they can go back inside.

Flevio Figueredo, whose home has been evacuated, told 22News, “I feel very bad because I have to go to a family friend’s house. I can’t explain right now but it’s something, something bad.”

So far, there have been no reported estimates on the cost of dealing with the damage. Revere Mayor Dan Rizzo said that for now, the city’s priority is to clean up the debris, and restore power to more than 28-hundred residents left in the dark.

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