Long-past storms may be to blame for recent damage

Damage caused by an uprooted tree on Reed St. in Agawam.

HATFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Our recent storm damage has meant lots of business for area tree service companies. Wind damage is usually the greatest threat we get from severe thunderstorms, and is the cause of much of the damage to trees.

While recent storms have brought winds high enough to pull down the heaviest of branches, Luke Longstreeth of LashCo tree service in Hatfield believes previous storms are partly to blame.

“A lot of the limbs were broken back in the October storm and other previous ice storms and they get hung up in the trees and people don’t notice them up in the canopy and with these more frequent storms now they’re coming down,” Longstreeth said.

Storms have meant big business for area tree service companies, not only with damage clean up, but also tree trimming before storms. Longstreeth told 22News that tree limbs that come off the trunk in a tight “V” shape, or branches that sag on the end could cause you the most problems.

The wet soil has also made tree roots weaker, making it more likely that an entire tree falls down.

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