Lawmakers push to stop “Robo-calls”

Mass. House approved a bill last week

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – These automated phone calls and messages aren’t just annoying, but costly, especially if you don’t have unlimited texting on your cell phone. That’s why lawmakers are hoping to penalize companies using robo-calls.

The House approved a bill Thursday that would penalize companies up to 10-thousand dollars for each robo-call violation. There would be a minimum fine of 15-hundred dollars for each known violation to seniors.

One man said he thinks companies get cell phone numbers when users visit their website on their smartphones. Jim Signorell of Brooklyn said, “I can understand generating random numbers and being able to call, but the fact that they’re getting the information from your usage of the internet on your phone seems kind of illegal.”

Even if Governor Deval Patrick signs this bill, there could be some automated messages sent out, like federal emergency alerts. In the meantime, there *is* a way to block robo-calls on your cell phone.

Click Here to find out how to block them.

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