Frequent storms bringing storm anxiety

More storms are making people nervous, not making them ignore the threat

BUCKLAND, Mass. (WWLP) – It seems like at least twice a week we’ve had severe weather outbreaks, but luckily people 22News spoke with aren’t tuning out the warnings, despite how many we’ve had.

Since the end of June until now we’ve had a weekly round or two of severe weather. Constant warnings, watches, and weather advisories could make people take them less seriously, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

“It’s beautiful, but it’s also had its little terrifying elements. Especially when there are more floods and more wind, I do get nervous no doubt about it,” said Deborah Yaffee from Buckland.

Some people find it hard to grasp the danger of storms until they see the damage, and unfortunately, we have had the damage to validate the risk that comes with severe weather.

For one home in the Franklin county town of Buckland, it wasn’t Sunday’s storms, but Monday morning storms when lightning hit this tree knocking it down onto this house.

While wind has been the main threat for damage, lighting sometimes strikes western Massachusetts hundreds of times per minute, creating “lightning anxiety.”

“Especially if you’re in a tenuous situation where your house is kind of partially under construction and you’re in a small place to begin with. If you’re not well grounded, of course we’re nervous. Especially the lightning storms,” said one Franklin County man.

While lightning is dangerous, that’s not what makes a storm severe. Quarter-sized Hail, or 58 mile-per-hour winds make a storm “severe.”

If you hear severe thunderstorm warning for your area, head inside a sturdy building. And stay in the lower levels.

Make sure to follow the 22News Storm Team for the latest weather updates, on-air and on, when they become available.

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