Daughter was home alone during the tornado

The NWS said the tornado was an EF-2

REVERE, Mass. (WWLP) – Those who were away from their homes during Monday morning’s tornado weren’t only worried about the condition they would find their home in.

One resident, Kelley Hoar, told 22News that while she was at work, she was most concerned about her daughter who was home alone during the tornado.

Kelley kept in constant contact with her daughter by calling and texting, and she told the neighbors to look after her in case the storm got worse.

According to Kelley, at first she didn’t know how severe the storm would be. “My daughter’s home and we just found out a tornado hit Revere. At the beginning, she just thought it was a thunderstorm. And then that’s when I looked at the news and found out that it was a tornado and I was like, I got to go.”

When she got home, the steps to her back porch had been ripped off and trees fell into her backyard. Her patio set flew from the back of the house to the front, and shattered all of the windows.

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