Americans’ choices are changing at the grocery store

Most Americans are cutting back on white bread

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Your shopping list at the grocery store might look pretty similar from week to week, but for a lot of Americans the items in their carriages today are different from what they’d toss in years ago.

Whether it has to do with health consciousness, cost, or convenience, Americans’ preferences are changing. Take white bread, for example. More than half of American consumers are cutting back.

Pat Wright of Springfield told 22News, “I still see white bread on the shelves and I don’t understand it. I don’t know why people buy it; it’s got nothing in it. It’s bleached and not healthy.”

The Wall Street Journal reported shoppers are also buying less orange juice and cow’s milk; they’re reaching for alternatives like soy and almond milk, and those aren’t the only changes at the breakfast table.

In a recent four week study cereal sales were down between 7-10%. It’s because consumers today are reaching for more yogurt and on the go foods that contain more protein.

With more energy drinks and flavored waters on the market than ever, a lot of consumers are choosing those over soda. They’re paying more attention to sugar.

Lynn Thibault-Wells of Agawam said, “I won’t give my kids soda. I drink that it’s my downfall. I try to stay away from sugar. Apple juice I look for 100% with no sugar in it.”

Also, fewer Americans are unwrapping a piece of gum after they eat, too. The Associated Press reported chewing gum sales have gone down more than 10-percent in just the past four years.

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