Who’s behind the Brooklyn Bridge flag caper

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NEW YORK (CNN) – White flags flying over the iconic Brooklyn bridge where American flags should be.  It happened this week in the dead of night, and no one seems to know what it means or who planned it.

Who did it and why intruders scrambling to raise two bleached white American flags on top of the Brooklyn bridge in the middle of the night?

“We’re looking across social media, facebook, twitter and other indicators to see if there are any claim of responsibility for this,” Deputy Commissioner John Miller said.

New details are emerging: A law enforcement official tells CNN DNA now collected from tin pans. That’s what they say climbers used to cover bridge lights Tuesday to hoist the flags without being seen. On this earthcam video, it’s hard to make out, but you can see lights flickering around 3:30 am near one flagpole.  So far, no DNA match.

“At this time it appears it has no particular nexus to terrorism or even politics, this may be someone’s art project or it may be an attempt at making some kind of statement, but at this point it’s not clear what that statement is,” Deputy Commissioner Miller continued.

Or where the bleached 11 by 20 foot American flags with hand stitching came from.  Officials are interviewing flag makers and checking internet sales.

Police are searching for four or five people captured in video during those overnight hours, and tracing five nicknames to see whether they belong to people who may be of interest.

Investigators are also systematically checking about 18-thousand license plates of vehicles using the bridge that night.

And why was Monday night chosen? As officials say, a terror plot seems unlikely. If it was a prank, no one thinks it’s funny.

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