Wanted man taunts police on Facebook

Man commented on his own picture

BALTIMORE, Md (WBFF) – It’s called “Wanted Wednesday”, a new online initiative by Anne Arundel County Police.

“We figured we’d use our social media community to help us identify them and then some people might see themselves and just turn themselves in,” said Lt. T.J. Smith.

What the department didn’t expect was what happened this past Wednesday, when roger Ireland saw his face pop up on the screen. Instead of keeping silent, he commented on his own picture.

His post taunting police, proclaiming they couldn’t catch him. At least one person made the connection, posting: “Wait what?? Isn’t that him right above my comment??”

“We sent it over to some of our investigators in our intelligence department said, ‘hey you guys track him down,” said Lt. Smith.

Police were able to locate Ireland right here at tenth and Patapsco Avenue after conducting a traffic stop on a vehicle he was in. This just 24 hours after he said he couldn’t be caught.

“That was not intelligent at all, at all. I’m sure he’ll probably think again before he does something like that,” said resident Pamela Procter.

“I wouldn’t call that the best practice if you’re trying to elude the police, but we welcome it. Anybody else that’s trying to elude us, we hope that you comment on our Facebook page and let us know where you are and we’ll come get you,” said Lt. Smith.

This initiative seems to be working. Since it began a few weeks ago about half of those wanted have been arrested.

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