Kids Safety Expo at the Basketball Hall of Fame

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Many western Massachusetts families came to the Basketball Hall of Fame with one thing in mind on Saturday, how to keep their children safe while they are out of school. 22News found out how the 6th annual Kid’s Safety Expo reminded parents how to keep children safe in different situations.

With children ready to play, the Kid’s Safety Expo at the Basketball Hall of Fame prepared families for a safe summer. Experts went over many situations children find themselves in mostly during the summer time. This included fire, pool, and personal safety. Libbos Law has sponsored the annual event after noticing a safety hazard in the community.

“Being a cyclist, I noticed that kids in the community were not wearing helmets when they should, so I thought it would be a good way to get these helmets on these children for them to ride bicycles safely,” said Libbos Law owner Thomas Libbos.

The Department of Children and Families, and the Department of Pubic Health say that window, pool, car, and bike dangers are the leading causes of accidents over the summer. Saturday’s event provides different resources for children such as these helmets to keep them safe over the summer. It also provides different resources for parents, who are very appreciative to have this kind of access.

“They have many different programs for the kids. They gave dental advice, and most important, they did the video incase there was ever something to happen to them,” said Michelle Rowe of Springfield.

Those dental impressions and videos are incase your child is ever lost and needs to be identified. They also offered stations to take fingerprints and cheek swabs. Another parent told 22News that it was helpful to have multiple safety reminders that sometimes might be forgotten.

“See more things that we don’t tell them. More people to tell them things we forget to or things we’re not aware of,” said Jody Smith of Springfield.

With reported child deaths this summer, the expo continues to help families keep their children safe while providing entertainment to make all of these lessons enjoyable.

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