Yoga for Digestion & Better Sleep

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  Having trouble sleeping? Blaming your diet for digestion troubles?  Maybe you need some yoga.  Sheila Magalhaes from Heartsong Yoga in East Longmeadow showed us yoga moves for digestion and sleep.

Yoga for Digestion:

  • In the summertime, on vacation…we might be eating foods we do not normally eat (hot dogs and chips, fried clams and french fries, rich desserts…) so our bellies feel over full, maybe even (dare we say….gas, bloating or constipation) or just feel a little crummy…
    Instead of popping a Tums and flopping back on the couch, yoga can be a natural cure for stomach troubles.
  • Ultimately you will feel less stress when your nervous system is relaxed. (We know that most digestive difficulties stem from stress)
    The health benefits will spread to the rest of your body and ease your digestion.

Yoga for Better Sleep:

  • If you are off your schedule, sleeping in unfamiliar beds on vacation, traveling and upsetting your routines and sleep cycle, or, if stress from your daily life is keeping you awake at night:
  • Sleep deprivation and stress can be a vicious cycle. We often have trouble falling sleep because we’re worried and anxious, and in turn, the fact that we didn’t get enough sleep makes us stressed the next day.
  • Sleep deprivation is a major source of stress among U.S. adults.
  • A relaxed, gentle yoga session can calm the mind and relieving tension in the body, the soothing practice can be an effective natural sleep remedy.
  • The yoga poses can combat restlessness and insomnia, can relax the body and the mind and prepare you for a better nights rest!

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